who watch and listen to him. And if in doing this, he also manages to bring down a tear to the viewer, it can be said that he hit the mark.

Acting is one of the many ways that the human being has to communicate something. Exciting someone while on stage is definitely a very suggestive form of communication.

But an actor is not only asked to move, or be moved. An actor can also communicate something by making viewers smile or even laugh out loud .

For this reason, a good acting course should always include lessons on comedy.

In fact, making people laugh is not so simple, even if laughter is probably the most spontaneous thing that a human being is able to do. And if our goal is to become good actors, then it is also absolutely necessary to learn how to make people laugh.

The versatility of an actor also depends on this.

Making people laugh is therefore an aspect of the profession of actor that must never be underestimated.

Comedy is a very specific area of ​​acting, with its precise rules and subgenres.

However, the goal of the article is not to teach you how to make people laugh. There are courses and academies to learn how to do it.

But for those who are tempted to take this path and still have some doubts, then maybe I can give some advice to face what is a difficult, albeit beautiful, challenge.

Before proceeding with any suggestions, which stems from my personal theatrical experience, I want to make a little big clarification.

the first thing you absolutely must do is learn to act . As said a little further on, comedy is a branch of a larger subject, which is Acting.

The choice of a good theater course is therefore fundamental, because acting is preparatory to comedy itself and prepares you to face it in the correct way, with the right knowledge.

So do not throw yourself in some stage on comedy, if before you do not have at least a minimum training of actors and a little theatrical experiences on stage.

Of course, it may be that you really have talent in this sense, but the fact that in the company of friends you are the one who makes others laugh with his jokes, does not make you a comic actor. My intention is certainly not to discourage you, but you must also think about the fact that friends can laugh at your jokes because they love you and think you are nice.

Finally, it is obviously quite different to make friends laugh in a pizzeria and entertain an entire audience in the theater. Stalls formed by spectators who do not know you and who certainly are not your friends.

Without this premise, here are some small tips that I feel like giving you, referring to my theatrical experiences.